Ensure the safety and smooth functioning of your appliances when you are away from your Miami home or business; with our efficient home automation technology; all which is installed by our experienced electricians. An expert in low voltage service and repair, CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC integrates components that allow you to conveniently access any system from a remote location according to your particular needs. For cost effective and energy saving solutions that also improve safety and security, consult with CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC to regulate and automate the systems at your home or business.

Home Automation installations allow you instant access to

  • Climate Control systems
  • Lighting systems at home or at work
  • Low voltage Wiring Systems
  • Media Home and Entertainments Systems
  • Smart Home Wiring
  • Lock, alarms and security systems
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation systems
  • All Appliances
  • Any mechanized system on your property


Turn off lights, appliances or machinery with the simple touch of a button or activate heating and cooling systems from another room or another location. CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC home automation installations allow you to control all components on your property from your mobile device at any location in Miami!

Using advanced modern technology, CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC provide you with complete control of any simple or complex appliance, system or device to save you time, money and increase energy efficiency. Shut off the furnace from the comfort of your bedroom, check to make sure your doors at home are securely locked while you are at work, or unlock them remotely for family or guests without rushing home. Keep an eye on your children with remotely controlled security cameras, or monitor your property while you are away on vacation. The possibilities are endless!


  • Improved safety & Instant notification of visitor or intruder on your property. Gain remote access to live security cameras
  • Increased comfort & Activate ventilation, cooling, and heating systems from another room or on your way home from the office
  • Energy and money savings & Benefit from lower utility bills with increased control over HVAC systems.
  • Complete security while you are away & Activate and de-activate locks, alarms and all security systems from the touch of a button
  • Enjoy total peace of mind that home automation provides

The qualified at CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC apply solid experience and advanced clever wiring techniques to integrate virtually anything you require into the modern home automation system for your Miami property. Integrating services through home automation is an increasingly practical and convenient option for both home and business owners alike; one that offers convenience, personal security and comfort.


Can I program a home automation system myself?

CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC home automation software allows you to make changes when necessary through a simple touchscreen interface. Ongoing customer support is always available to help you with your system!

What systems and appliances can I link to a home automation system?

CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC systems support any audio and video system and most appliances.