Welcome to CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC. We are a locally owned company and our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you with all of your needs. Our quality, integrity, and affordable prices have earned us a reputation as industry leaders. A specialist will assist you through every step of your project and provide premier services to commercial and residential clients like you. When you need quality repair, trust the experts at CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC.


Whether you are remodeling an older home, want to correct flickering or dimming lights, replace circuit breakers that constantly trip, or install new outlets and switches, you need to trust an electrician with the expertise to handle the job properly. Homeowners can call CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC for all their repairs, including:

  • General maintenance. We can replace cords, rewire outlets, and install switches.
  • Electrical safety inspection. Our specialists will inspect the entire system of your home or office to ensure that it is up to code compliance and will make any repairs needed to bring it to code.
  • Electrical wiring. Rewiring a house is an ideal project for people considering selling a home. At CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC, our highly trained professionals stay current in codes and standards.
  • Electrical panel upgrades. We can upgrade your panel in your home or office to enable you to change from fuses to a circuit breaker panel or to just increase the load.

Other repair services we provide include troubleshooting lighting problems, GFI outlet repairs, aluminum wiring replacement and home generator repairs.


Flickering or dead lights: if the problem isn't with the bulb or circuit breaker, then there is faulty wiring.

A burning smell: this is a sign that wires are overloaded or that the wring has been damaged.

Constantly tripping breakers: either the breaker has become too sensitive or it is telling you that there is too much energy needed for what you wish to do.

Burn marks around sockets: this can be a sign for a number of issues. Stop using the socket and call a professional to check the issue.

There are a number of other possible issues that can indicate a need for professional repairs. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call and ask.

THE CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC DIFFERENCE

Here at CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC, we offer reliable schedule and are always accessible when you need us. Our flexibility allows us to work with your budget, and our specialized team of experts means we can take on any project from the initial planning through the final clean up and walk through inspection. We are locally owned and our goal is to provide quality work that will last, excellent customer service and communication throughout your entire repair project, and finish on time and within budget. At CLI-Energy And Construction, LLC, our estimates are always upfront with no undisclosed fees. Customers appreciate that we describe every detail to ensure a seamless process during the entire project.